Pycnometers acc. to Gay Lussac, adjusted, with thermometer and side tube

Gay Lussac pycnometers acc. to DIN ISO 3507 and in addition to standard, adjusted, lateral capillary with conical joint cap NS 7/16,< thermometer with joint NS 10/19, with frosted glass scale (measuring range: 5-35 °C, unit: 0.2 °C, filling: petroleum) adjusted to 'In' (with single certificate), accuracy: 0.001 cm³, material: borosilicate glass 3.3
Nominal capacity (cm³)DIN ISOPack (qty.)Cat. No.
10 3507 1 5 6400 13
25 3507 1 5 6400 22
50 3507 1 5 6400 28
100 1 5 6400 37

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